What are SERPs?

Whenever a user searches Google for a keywords, the returned result is called SERP. The abbreviation SERP literally means Search Engine Ranking Page. The two main types of SERP results are paid and organic. While the paid results consist of Google Ads bidders, the organic results are the results the Google algorithm determines to be most relevant for the given keywords.

Relevance of SERPs

Quite obviously the traffic to a given website nowadays is heavily dependent on the SERP position of the url. When doing optimizations doing daily SERP checks by hand to check for progress is a very tedious task. Now imagine you or your agency works on dozens and hundreds of urls. An early notification for problems is essential to maintaining good traffic.

How can SEOResearch.net help?

At SEOResearch we’ve developed a tool that does the tedious SERP tracking for you. Our tool follows and logs the movement of the top 100 SERP results for your keywords daily, and will notify you when changes to your search engine position happen. You have your own SEO system? No problem you can easily integrate our SERP API and get the relevant results delivered right into your system!

Thinking of tracking your SERPs?