Our search API enables you to scrape search results without interruption. Just handle your business logic and our API will do the rest. No proxies, no captcha solving, just raw results.

How does it work

You make a POST request to our API endpoint providing the keyword, google tld and an endpoint where you want the results to be posted once our system gathers the results.

How do I integrate

We have a written a Composer package for PHP integration, but will be happy to help you write your own integration in any language.

Do I need proxies

No you don’t. This is our job, our service will provide you with the top 100 results without any need for further investments.

How much does it cost?



per month
  • 50 Searches per month
  • -



per month
  • 1500 Searches per month
  • or track 50 keywords daily



per month
  • 4500 Searches per month
  • or track 150 keywords daily



per month
  • 9000 Searches per month
  • or track 300 keywords daily


What is a SERP

SERP is an abbreviation of Search Engine Results Pages. Serps are the search results displayed in response to a keyword search in the search engines.

What is a SERP API

The SERP API is a system designed to allow developers, and digital agencies to follow the improvement or setback of their URLS as they do changes to the pages. The SERP Apis allow the easy tracking of your SEO progress without worrying about proxies and complicated algorhithms.

The importance of SERP Tracking

By monitoring your ranking progress you will quickly be able to identify pitfalls in your strategies before you lose the position you’ve been working for so hard.

How easy to integrate is SEOResearch SERP API

Integrating the SEO Research API is in no way any different then any other APIs you’ve worked with. You just set an endpoint where you want the parsed data received and everything else is simple POST requests.