Create a SERP request – /api/v1/serp

The system is designed in such a way that in order to create a SERP search you first have to add it to the system`s queue. This works by making a POST request to the “/api/v1/serp” supplying your apiKey and secret as get parameters(Check the Authentication section for more).

You can check the full list of parameters below:

API Base
API Method/api/v1/serp
GET *apiKey
GET *secret
POSTlocation [ Default: US ]
POSTendpoint [ A URL where our system will POST Push the results. Eg. ]
POSTmobile [ Default: false ]
POST *keyword

Fields marked with * are required!

Example response:

  "id": "8f330399-40e6-11ea-8c40-6c626d02600b",
  "status": "pending"

You can use the id in the response to manually check the status of the query and get the SERP results when status changes to complete.