Getting SERP history – /api/v1/history

In order to get the history of all your SERP requests you make a GET request to the “/api/v1/history” method supplying your apiKey and secret as get parameters(Check the Authentication section for more).

API Base
API Method/api/v1/history
GET *apiKey
GET *secret
Example URL

Example response

        "id": "12345678-4e5b-11ea-88db-f23c929b2ac7", 
        "completed": { "date": "2020-02-13 12:25:27.000000", "timezone_type": 3, "timezone": "UTC" }, 
        "keyword": "serp api" 
    }, { 
        "id": "87654321-4e5b-11ea-88db-f23c929b2ac7", 
        "completed": null,
        "keyword": "serp api"